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Business Analyst

Discovery, feature development - Contract - Reading, UK,

Closing Date 15/04/2024

Job Title

Business Analyst

Responsibilities & Contributions

  • Use facilitation, communication and influence to build an understanding of what’s needed and look to the future
  • Challenge the business manager, sponsor, problem owner and users to define the real business problem behind the expressed "needs" to ensure that the delivery team is solving the right problem. Look for simpler, more effective ways of doing things.
  • Add value to the organisation by solving business problems. An ability to see the big picture in addition to the detailed tasks necessary to complete the next iteration.
  • Define improvements in business processes
  • Gather relevant information to inform fast, effective decision making
  • Assist quality assurance in defining and executing tests for solutions and products
  • Have a very good understanding of the user-centred design cycle including user research and service design
  • Ensure seamless integration between business, design, development and test requirements
  • Define requirements, user stories and acceptance criteria and ensure that they are ready and agreed in a just-in-time approach for the delivery team.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Great communicator - Be as comfortable talking to senior executives about business matters, the marketplace and competition, as to the development team about user stories and requirements.
  • See the big picture and anticipate the future - an ability to evaluate potential solutions based on the overall impact to the organisation rather than the influence of a particular business area and its managers. Be a leader providing solutions to business problems and continuous improvement to Worth and its clients.
  • Business Orientation - Be unashamedly business oriented, thinking continuously about what can be done to improve the business, and the processes which drive the business. Demonstrate an ability to focus on what the business needs to do to solve the business problems in addition to what the solution team needs to do.
  • Empathetic - Be able to cross organisational boundaries (internal and external), empathising with customers across a wide range of personalities and attitudes.

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